The making of Akoya Pearl Earrings or Pendant or both – Part 1

I thought it would be fun to take photographs of what I am creating.

Photo 1. I picked out the materials. I love these twisted gold filled components. They look great just the way they are,
but not for me. I’m going to create what I visualize. I have tiny jelly bean shape akoya pearls, two large
silver akoya’s and my wire ready. I always
work on a velevt board. Everything stays in place without having roll away beads.


Photo 2. I used abot 12″ of gold filled wire to weave onto the longer end of the component. The tool you see is
constantly used to keep my wire smooth. You can also see my wires are still attached, simply because I’m not
done weaving.


Photo 3. Horray! The first part is now done and I can move on.


Photo 4. I repeat this entire process and make a 2nd one. I’m not sure yet if I’m making earrings or pendants.
I start to add the silver Akoya’s. I’m not thrilled yet on how
these look.


Photo 5. I decided to bead the shorter part of the gold filled component. That’s why you see wires again.


You have to love what you do! It’s very time comsuming to weave such tiny pearls. I love doing this and I love the challenge.

Once I am finished, I may change out those silver pearls….

I will post Part 2. once I’m done.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Allie