Journey with Zee Jewelry “Back to Beadsics”

Back To Beadsics

I am not one to have funny names for beads….except beadsics. Bead Basics in English.  You get to see a lot of funny names in this business. Beady eyes, eye bead…….Although my sister has Bette Davis Eyes…but we wont go into that.

How did I pick my name? I couldn’t think of one. I went through the entire alphabet and ….there it was, Zee. Not very clever, but I like it. Today I am talking about my most favorite thing which I call Runway Beads.  Designer Bead’s is the term used by venders. These are the Stars of the show.Every year new shapes in pearls and stones come out in very limited editions. You need to be like a squirrel. Gather as many strands as possible and hide them.  Chances are, if you decide you need more…there are no more.

Vendors take chances just like me. They have no idea if the “designer beads” will sell. I have no idea if people will like them either. I go with my gut feelings.  I take the plunge. This is all about taking chances anyway.  My use of these beads make some of my Jewelry more exciting,  fun and interesting.

Organic shapes in pearl’s, angular, prism cut, barrel’s that look like a picket fence when they are lined up.  Once in a while, one special stone. These are some of the semi precious stone’s I find very attractive.

When I visit the vendors, I zoom in on these beads. Just by looking at one of these special beads, I can visualize the entire necklace. Just one inspiration.  Next time I will write about other things that inspire me.

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