Sand and Sea “Mermaid’s”

If you happen to be lucky enough to visit a white sandy beach with really blue water, it’s a sight to behold.
When a storm is coming and the water turn’s a murky green.
 I am in awe of the sea.
It’s only natural to want to capture the essence of what I love.
I found the palest of Lemon Quartz which represent’s the color of sand. Smooth, like pebbles.
Yes, they are carved, but what the heck.
I mixed blues and greens together. Moss Aquamarine’s in different shades.
Deep Blue Tourmaline Slice’s shaped like scallop shell’s. Touches of gold.
A day at the beach, around your neck without dripping saltwater.
Obviously I don’t take myself too seriously.
But I do love this necklace.
Someone who loves wearable art will love this too….once my web store is running.
Here are my photo’s.
Hope you enjoy looking at my necklace called “Mermaids” I can picture this on a mermaid. You.

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