A Necklace Called Rain Forest


Inspiration came when I immediately saw this clasp.   Two chubby frogs going in opposite directions. My thoughts took off from there. I started thinking about orchids, the rain forest and of course frogs.

Sometimes it’s a real Walter Mitty thing with me.   One idea flowing into the next.

I tried to capture the rain forest in my own way. I chose lavender Keishi petal pearls interspersed with peridot, pink amethyst nuggets and different size pear shapes.

It does make a statement. I still feel this necklace can be the focal point or it can be down played depending on what you wear it with.

The frogs are sterling silver.  I decided the frogs should have green eyes which are bezel set as well as green tourmalines to finish the necklace in the back.   Handmade by me for Zee.

11 thoughts on “A Necklace Called Rain Forest

  1. Well, thank you for having such a delicate touch in your creations, I love making jewelry, I never thought it could be so expressive with something that many people make and still being able to give to every piece a unique essence. Blessings!

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