Blush, Change Garnet Necklace

I heard some people talking about change garnets in a bead shop.

At the time I thought they wanted to exchange garnets. That wasnt the case at all as I was about to find out.

They left and I saw these beads on the counter. What are these I asked. Change Garnets.

Yes, I know garnets. They are red to blackish red and even green.

I love the Czech garnets best of all. You mostly see those in victorian pieces of jewelry.

I have never heard of these.

Very politely it is explained to me that these garnets appear champagne color and in different lighting they get pinkish.

Now I understand, they change color.

Only very good quality stones do this.

To bead or not to bead…that is a question I ask myself. These are tiny!

I am hooked.

I basically made a monotone necklace. The change garnets sparkle and do change color. I thought this combination of pearls with a lot of iridescence would be great on any skin color. I love the organic shapes too.

I went all the way and added 18k gold beads and 18k clasp.

I was thinking more about a woman being the focal instead of the jewelry for a change….get it  🙂

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