Recycled Paper Dimensional Art Flowers in Vase

First I want to say that it’s hard for me to believe this is my 50th post!

I always like to do something other then jewelry when I hit a landmark…any excuse will do.

What is really important is that all of you are safe that are in Sandy’s path. Its stormy weather here in New York and we are preparing for the worst.

I may not be blogging this coming week due to the weather. Keeping my fingers crossed that it wont be too bad.

Anyway, I thought I would show one of the pictures I made out of paper. I had note cards, calandars, etc. Anything I could get at least 5 or 6 copies of.

This has a lot of depth.

I sculpted some of the petals by bending them over different size round objects. I used a hot glue gun too.

After I made the vase and placed the flowers, I had to stand on a chair to look down on how everything looked.

I used an old scarf for the table cloth.

Sorry for some of the flash from the camera. It’s a little dark for this time of day.

It is framed and under glass…I couldnt get it right with all the glare.

Everybody stay safe! Allie

25 thoughts on “Recycled Paper Dimensional Art Flowers in Vase

  1. wow stunning, beuuuuuutiful, ah by the way, yeah be careful up there with the storm, here in NJ, south Jersey to more precise, everybody is trying to be really cautious with it, and keep tuned and alert.

    • Stay safe too. We are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. Life jackets for the dogs too. 🙂
      We are coastal and the tide is really suppose to rise.
      Thanks so much for liking my paper art!

      • Thanks, Zee. Yeah, of course the dogs too, we are not coastal with the ocean but we have the river, still we are hoping everything is gonna be ok, we have good pumps in the basement that we hope they ll help. Our dogs are gonna be with us all the time.
        Blessings again and good luck. Keep praying for the best out of the worse. Take care. 🙂

    • Thank you 🙂 This one took me 4 months to complete. I have 3 others I will show later on.
      Winds are picking up here in NY. Time will tell and hopefully the storm wont be as bad as they say. I think I am nervous… Allie

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