Cherry Quartz and Fresh Water Pearls Necklace

Cherry Quartz or Cherry Volcano Quartz  is a man made stone. It’s not quartz at all.

It’s such a pretty color, peachy pink.

Here I mixed it with tiny freshwater pearls.

The drops have “Faceted” pearls that you can really see in the last photo. These are fresh water and I like the texture of the surface or I wouldnt use them.

I used gold filled chaining and circles. 14k gold filled wire wraps.

Handmade by me for Zee. All of my designs are original.  I tend to make more wearable art. That’s just me.  Thanks for looking  🙂  Allie

7 thoughts on “Cherry Quartz and Fresh Water Pearls Necklace

  1. Don’t be mad at me for calling you Zee, I tried to find your name on the blog I couldn’t but it’s ok anyway because I can talk with you anyway and call you my friend, I gotta say that I’m a fan of your work, we have different styles creating but the originality of your creations, like I said before inspires me with new ideas, and since I’m a beginner seeing your pieces reminds me that all our dreams can come true. Thanks again 🙂

    • My name is Allison, but most call me Allie. Surely I dont mind at all being called Zee 🙂 Where ever inspiration comes from is great!
      If you want to know how I wire wrapped the cherry quartz drops just email: or…I made it up myself. I have no idea if this is taught. Sometimes I think the bead need to be “dressed up.” I can try to explain or maybe send photo steps. All the best! Allie

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