Red Berries and Leaves “Winter Berries” Necklace

This is probably my last blog until after the holiday next week. I am the cook.  I am not going to have the time to bead.
I am very proud of this necklace! I think it came out very well. Trust me, it wasn’t easy.
I like challenges, especially when I have no idea what the outcome will be.
I am a visual artist. A bead can inspire an entire idea in my mind.
I love nature and if I can find leaf shape beads I buy them.
These carved leaves are multi color Sapphires and the inspiration for this piece.
I saw berries. I used dyed red rubies. Now, I am not fond of dyed anything. I was assured these would not change color. So I put them away for two years. They are exactly the same.
I chose Iolite rondelles which are very light to dark. I did this to enhance the foliage and berries.
Airy was the look I wanted.
Very light silver Akoya pearls dotted here and there. Some tiny white pearls too.
Vermeil clasp to finish it off.
I call this Winter Berries. Obviously this necklace can be worn any time of year.
Handmade by me for Zee.
I will peek in when I can… I cant resist  🙂  Happy Holiday to everyone!

7 thoughts on “Red Berries and Leaves “Winter Berries” Necklace

  1. Oh zee, wow, nice as usual but I m gonna miss you for this time. Anyway, good luck and blessings with your beautiful work.

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