Semi Precious Bead on Gold Filled Chain. Step by step with Zee

I thought it would be fun to take you through the process of making this necklace.

First is wire wraping. I tend to get bored with simple wraps. I make up my own. I have no idea if this has already been done. I dont read tuts or watch how to’s. Mine are more organic. I use about 10 inches of gold filled wire.


Here is a photo of the first one I finished. I tend to make them all different just to have a more interesting finish. Sorry this photo isnt the clearest. I wanted to show you anyway. This wrap learns in one direction which will be put on the left side of the chain. I made one like this for the right side.


After making 10 wraps on different color stones I lay out the design.


I changed my mind about the chain I should use. I wanted something more airy. I also wanted this necklace to close in the front.  This way you can play with how you would like the stones to fall. I used a small spring ring clasp.


This shows the colors a litlle better. Aqua, Iolite, Lemon Quartz, Garnet.


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