A Diamond Story For The Holidays

Being this is my 60th blog I thought something different would be nice.
This time of year reminds me of Ebenezer Scrooge. Past, Present and Future.
I have been thinking about my dad.
Many moons ago I was diamond cutter. My father taught me and he has long since passed away.
I was always interested in what he did. Not because of diamonds. Because of what he created. There truly is an art to making a beautiful stone. He was an artist, my hero and I loved him very much.
One summer he told me to give it a whirl. That was one of his expressions.
I liked it so much I tried to learn everything possible from him.
I’m not bragging but I remember a time he went to Africa. One of his clients came to the shop with a piece of rough (rough is a diamond that has not been cut at all yet)
 You know how words come out of your mouth before you think?  I said I would make the stone. Either I was very confident or very stupid without my dad being there.
It was to be an emerald cut. I did go to some other people I knew for guidance. I took my time and made the entire stone myself  Boy was I proud.
The day came when the owner was ready to see it. What do I do? I drop it.
Now I am having a heart attack…diamond’s bounce like crazy. I was searching everywhere.
Sure enough the owner shows up.
I very carefully explain I dropped it and not to worry, I will find it.
He must of been 80 at the time and 90lbs. I am telling you this because he goes ahead and moves a 100 lbs metal cabinet.
Here I am. Trying to find this stone I was so proud of cutting. Now I am worried this man will keel over from moving this cabinet.
Diamond cutting benches have metal legs with supports. I look where the support meets the leg. It’s very dirty but I see a slight shimmer. There is the diamond!
I calmed the old man and gave him his stone.
He loved the job I did, thank goodness.
When my dad came home I told him the story and he laughed. I wasn’t the first or last to ever drop a stone.
I gave up the cutting a few years later to be a mom.
I think my dad would be very proud of me today. I love making jewelry and also see that in my future.
This means a lot to me to share this little story. It means more because my dad lives in my heart.
Here are some photos of diamond cutting:
1. This is the top portion of the instrument used to hold a diamond in place for cutting.
It’s called a dop.
2. In this photo, the dop is placed on a cast iron wheel that’s impregnated with diamond powder.
3.This is a good photo of the wheel. For those who remember record players, its a similar concept.
4.This is a close-up of the piece of rough diamond being cut.
5.This is the top of the finished emerald cut.
6. This is the bottom of the emerald cut.

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