Thinking Spring, Summer Earrings

This is another pair of Bubble top earrings. They look like bubble tops to me, hence the name. I guess you could call them bead caps. I like making these and how they are going to look is always different.
I never know how the end result is going to look. I am self taught and maybe that’s why. I come up with an idea and go with it.
When I’m making more then one bubble top, they all have to be done at the same time. That’s the only way I know they will match up…least I try to.

This is a very pale aquamarine drop. Almost mint color in some lights. I used different shades of coral beads and small aqua beads. Gold filled wire and vermeil hammered hooks.

All the coral I use is recycled. If I happen to see an second hand coral necklace I buy it. Gently clean and take it apart.
I dont believe in ruining coral reefs. Better to find old coral beads or branches.

Original design, handmade by me for Zee. Allie 🙂


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