Guns and Fashion?

Once in awhile I write about something other then what I am creating. I am not a freshly pressed kind of blogger.
I’m not afraid to say that some of my blogs can be boring.
I design jewelry to the best of my ability. That’s 99% of what I blog about.
Of course it’s important for me to stay on top of all the new fashion trends.
I love seeing other peoples fashion blogs.
Tonight I came across a fashion blog with beautiful models and photography.
The first photo I saw the model was holding a gun. Another photo two guns.
Here I sit thinking, what is this? What are these photos saying? Why did the guns catch my eyes first.
Is it ok to wear beautiful clothes with your gun? Guns can be beautiful?
What is this saying to young girls? Girls who adore fashion.
Is Sandy Hook still not fresh on everyone’s mind. All the other crazy things happening?
I for one do not want to see guns mixed with fashion. Famous or otherwise.
I wanted to ask the blogger their view on the photos. I couldn’t because I didn’t want to “like” the post.
I am asking you. What are your thoughts of fashion gun photos?

3 thoughts on “Guns and Fashion?

  1. I like that you are writing about this, not fashion and guns. What a stupid combination!. Yes, some people don’t get it and they love their guns anyway they can get them. Thankfully, they are not the majority!

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