Wind Chimes Necklace

Wind Chimes Necklace

Black Onyx drops in graduated sizes. Citrine nugget rondelles for interest. Excellent quality Dyed Red Ruby rondelle’s. Vermeil beads. All on Gold Filled Chain.

Heres a fact for those of you who purchase any type of Red beads.

For the most part they are dyed. Why are they dyed? To enhance the color.

I suggest taking your strand and leaving it in a dish of water overnight. If the water turns pink to red, return them. The dye will come off on a person when they perspire.

If the water in dish stays clear:

Take a photo.

Put the beads away for 2 weeks if possible. Check the color. If they look like they are turning pink, return them.

The dyed ruby beads I used in my necklace I purchased a year ago from a trusted vendor. They are excellent.

Keep in mind when you are told that the beads in Any color are dyed, test them before use.



Thanks for looking, Allie

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