Old Oil Painting from A Barn

I played hooky from beads for almost two weeks and went to Vermont.
I admit, I am a” leafer” as tourists are called.
Who could resist seeing mountains filled with color.

I saw a sign saying barn sale. There it was, an old rickety barn with “treasures” out front.
A man came out smelling of cherry vanilla from his pipe. Speaking in a very friendly manner as most Vermonters do.

I looked around and saw some interesting things and then ventured into the dimly lit barn.
Cobwebs everywhere and dusty old things. Back in a corner I saw something tall behind a framed poster. Slowly walking toward that area being careful not to step on a flattened mouse that appeared to be gone a long long time.

I carefully moved the framed poster to see this old dirty oil painting.
It was love at first sight…..in the dark.

I carried the painting outside to show the young man and take a better look myself.
Full of dirt and I am not sure of exactly the colors used.
Little birds looking for food on the bottom. The texture here is different from the rest of the painting. Interesting.

Next my eyes focus on this flowering plant. I recognize the flowers and I am excited. Helleborus plant. I know this because I had planted one for the first time month’s ago.

A large scratch towards the top. No big deal.
No signature which is fine by me. No frame.
I look at the back of the painting. Wood stretcher with four metal brackets dated 1863.
Is the painting that old? Could very well be.

The man starts to tell me he loves the painting too. I do my Walter Mitty. I am thinking to myself if he loves the painting why keep it a barn? Am I about to do the American Pickers route?
He loves it and not ready to sell? He needs to make up his own mind. I am ready to hear no. I am surprised at myself with all these fleeting thoughts.

After much conversation I keep leading him back to the painting. I enjoyed hearing about parts of his life but time was passing. He really didn’t know much about the painting. That was fine too.

Finally he sold it too me. I gave him a big hug, thanked him and promised to give it a good home.

First I did my homework on cleaning a painting. I am sorry I didn’t photograph it before I most carefully cleaned it. The colors are so much more vibrant and I love it all the more.
I love where it came from and truly believe one can find a treasure in an old barn.

Here are the photos of the painting and my Helleborus plant.

Thanks for coming over to my blog, Allie





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