Recipe for a Aquamarine Pearl Necklace Part 1

Hard to believe, this is my 100th post. I thought it would be interesting to share what I do.
This is Part 1 for my Aquamarine with Pearl necklace. It’s still a work in progress.


3 cups of Aquamarine nuggets in various sizes and thickness.
1 Very large unusual Pearl.
1 2 1/2 piece of sterling silver wire.
1/3 cup of sterling silver headpins.
1/4 cup of thick sterling open jump rings.
8 or more pieces of sterling silver chain cut to 8 links each.
6 sterling silver components.
1 clasp
4 cups of creativity
12 cups of love
1 cup of determination
1 round nose plier
1 bent nose plier
1 wire cutter of very good quaility.

Take 1 piece of chain to start. Set up head pins with 4 different size and thickness aquamarines. Wire wrap 4 beads to one loop of chain. Continue until entire chain is full of Aqua’s.
This will create a dimensional look as shown.
Take the 2 1/2 piece of wire and thread through pearl. Make 2 wire wrap loops on ends.
Using a jump rings attach the aquamarine chains to the pearl.
Attach 1 sterling silver component to opposite side of aquamarine chain.
Continue making more Aqua chains and more sterling components as shown.

To be continued.



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