Old Stock becomes New


I am lucky to know a vender that has been in business forever.

A small bag of beads in one of the trays catches my eye.  Hard to see and at times like finding buried treasure.  I don’t usually find beads in a bag.

Criss-cross shaped carved beads.  What’s this I ask?  Black Onyx she says and added they are old stock. This is what’s left.  They look brand new and I loved carved.

One glitch.  They have a tiny hole dead center for a post to be inserted.  The hole does not go through to the front of the beads.   No way could any other bead be attached to make any sort of dangle.  For me, this would not be very exciting.

I study these beads.  Three of them happen to be deep blue Lapis Lazuli and the rest Black Onyx.  I am thinking these would be great for a necklace.  Depending on the design, maybe I can make more then one piece of jewelry.

Maybe a pendant or two out of the blue Lapis Lazuli…I am thinking.  I ask if they can be drilled from top to bottom.  They seem to have enough thickness for a new drill hole without compromising the beads.  Great idea if I do say so myself!

The beads are sent out to a person who specializes in drilling.  I wouldn’t even have bothered if I saw this shape bead all the time.  After a few days the beads are returned to me and they come out perfect.

I put together the first necklace I envisioned.  The tiny hole meant for posts is not something that will make a difference.  I am also showing the back of the onyx so you can see where the earring post would have went.

This necklace is called “Puttin on the Ritz”:

Obviously I used the Black Onyx Criss Cross shape beads.  Faceted white freshwater pearls which I find add more texture and interest.  Gold filled chaining, clasp.

I think it’s elegant and fun too.  Classic black and white.  With a little imagination, I took beads meant for earrings and now you see my creation.