“Coral Reef” Inspired By Hand Blown Glass Bead

I so admire glass bead artists. When I saw this lampworked bead by Anastasia, I had visions of what I could do with it.
To me the bead looks like a coral reef. The shape of the glass bead. Designs on the bead.
I had to mix in semi precious stones. Some people may see this as convergence. Glass, metal, etc.
I wire wrapped the top of the bead. Wrapped fancy head pins into that. Just to give it a more dimensional look.
I used Kyanite, Citrine, Gold Filled Wire Wrap,Vermeil Head Pins, Brass French Cut Micro Beads,14k Tassel Holder with 14k Clasp.
The citrines I picked for this are very different in shape. You can see this for yourself. I had to add a tassel for balance.
There is a lot going on here. I think it’s very fashion forward. I love making art to wear.
Enjoy looking at “Coral Reef”