Multi color Citrines Tourmalines Champagne Quartz as Winter Berries

Quite awhile back I showed the makings of a necklace called Bittersweet.
Bittersweet is a winter berry that grows as a vine. The berries are clustered together and not outstanding until the outer green shell turns yellow and eventually breaks open to show its red center.

I love bittersweet and that’s how I got my inspiration for this necklace. Then it ended up in a draw.

It was taking me forever to separate the citrine leaves from light to dark colors. Stringing them so the colors came out evenly. Back out of the draw it came and I am finished.

Multi size deep raspberry color tourmaline drops as “berries” with champagne quartz barrel shapes as pieces of “sticks.”
The trees are bare when bittersweet blossoms. I wanted some brown in the necklace to offset the brighter colors.

Thanks for looking! Handmade by me for Zee