The Hummingbird and the Crimson Flowers

This was my 25th blog. I had a glitch. Now 26th which is fine by me.
I felt like celebrating and taking a blog day off from jewelry.
I was able to take a video which you’ll find after the photographs.
I went to a gardening nursery and had Love At First Sight!
In my head…..It’s Mine!
The most beautiful spikes of red flowers I had ever seen. All I could think of was Hummingbirds. I had already purchased orange trumpet shape fushia and orange begonia. I’m all set.
This is New York. For the summer month’s the plant can stay outside. It would be too cold to leave it out come winter. I have many plants so that’s just fine with me.
It’s June. I put it outside. Well, not me. I had to have two guys stick it on a dolly and bring it to the backyard.
Once the plant started taking off, it became at least 6ft wide and full of flowers.
Sure enough the Hummingbirds arrived. What a thrill!
One day I watched this tiny little hummingbird chasing all the other hummingbirds away. I thought nothing of it until I saw it do it again.
Aerial flights and a chase took place. Then coming back..all by itself.
Having selfish thoughts I named it @$#!&%….
“Little Flocker,” Guardian of Red Flowers.
I was pissed!
Imagine a 2 inch bird sitting on top of a bushy tree when not sipping nectar.
Watching me every time I watered.
Riding on the wet leaves as if it made it’s own roller coaster ride. That was too cute!
At times Little Flocker would be hiding in the leaves. Another Hummingbird comes along and ZOOM…out comes Little Flocker and the aerial display starts again until the other hummers are out of sight.
How did I end up with a bully bird?
This little twerp hogged it all.
I remember my first thoughts…it’s mine. I was sharing it with many hummers…so I thought.
Well, aint mine anymore. Least I have a resident in the jungle of red.
And they say good things come in small packages. Yeah right.
I really am happy to have this experience with a hummingbird. I never would have believed it.
If I knew how to write a children’s story, there would be a moral or two about bullies.
Not my thing. I am saving my imagination for my jewelry.
The tree is called Flame of the Forest or Parrot Tree.
Thanks, Allie