So you want to make Handmade Jewelry 

I sure do!  Somebody just should have told me there is a domino effect. Make the Jewelry, present your line to stores.  Make line sheets that include every detail on every item and price.  Learn to photograph.  A must.

Have a web site.  Be a Facebook.  Least I have that right now, I use to say book face.  Learn public relations. 
A web store…..I am working on that as I blog.  Yes, blogging.  Obviously this is the newest edition.
It’s just not all about the making of the Jewelry. Like I have said before, I am so happy I went into this backwards.  If someone would have told me what’s involved…  I would have been overwhelmed just at the thought.
Many people will tell you there is a lot of competition out there.  My answer to that is: if I don’t try I will never become a part of the competition.
So there… good thing you cant hear my raspberries.  I have learned to diversify styles I make as I go.
I string beads…not string beans.  I like accu-flex. beading wire.  I use metal’s, mostly gold filled and vermeil for chain necklaces and earrings.
Do I love everything I make?  No.  I think that’s important because somebody else may love it.  That’s just being honest.
I do think I have a sense of my own styles.   More times then not, the jewelry I make has a tendency to be elegant/fun.
Basic tools to start:  Round nose pliers, bent nose pliers, needle nose pliers and a cutter.  Millimeter gauge.  This tool is great for measuring beads.
Wire and string. Both come in various sizes.  The terms millimeter (mm) and gauge you will have to learn.  I mostly use 0.14, 0.18 and 0.20 beading wire.  Great for pearls and semi-precious beads.  Silk cord or string is great for knotting.   The drill hole in some semi’s can be sharp inside and cut silk string.
Wire, I use 0.15 to   Beads start with very small drill holes to large. With practice, you will use the right size string or wire for your beading.
Crimp beads are beads for ending your piece. Without these, your beads will fly in every direction.  Clasps:  many different types to choose from.  Youtube has great vids for beginners.
I make a crazy wire wrap.   Shown here in my photograph.
I will practice making a video to show how I do this.  That’s for later. It’s something new I have to learn.
Practice Beads: Before investing in semi-precious beads I liked going to garage sales and buying inexpensive glass necklace’s.  I found a lot of antique beads this way.  I took these necklaces apart.  All the beads went into a strainer.  I added mild soap and washed gently with cool water.  Let dry and start having fun.
I made a lot of roaring 20’s style necklaces.  I would also buy damaged Victorian cut steel bead purses. Take off the good beads and use them for chaining inbetween the glass beads.  You can recycle and make fresh designs too.
Most of all, have fun!

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