Get Inspired by Nature, Girl

In the north grows a vine. You wouldn’t tend to notice it at certain times of the year.

It wraps itself around trees, branches.  Just leaves with clusters of green berries.  Magic takes place come fall.  The berries turn yellow and soon crack open revealing an orange-red center.  Now it beckons to be noticed.

Bittersweet is the name.

I have cut Bittersweet and placed it in a vase with Japanese lanterns.  Both dry out really well.  The colors stay for months.

I came across tourmalines in variegated colors shaped like small leaves.  I used reddish tourmaline drops.  The necklace is still in progress.  It’s called… yep…Bittersweet.  My interpretation: once it’s finished I think it will be very pretty.

To some, bittersweet is a weed type vine.  I see the beauty and got inspired by what nature can do.


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