Pearl Kisses XoXo

I wanted to make a different type of pendant necklace. Once again I walked into a place and saw these crazy looking pearls, X shape…….my kind of thing!

Strung together, they would have looked like a white wreath around the neck.  Not even Rudolph would wear this.  Faux fur collar?  Not too comfortable either.  All those points.

First I tried making a necklace with Three X Pearl dangles but that was a disaster.

So I had to rethink this.  I figured let the beauty of each separate pearl stand out.  I picked out the most unusual pearls on the strand to use as pendants.  Some even have tiny round pearl growths on them.

I plan on making more of these.  Each one with a different semi-precious bead to dangle.  Perhaps all pearl like the one in the photo.  That one is truly one of a kind.  It’s so bubbled.  I don’t have another like it, besides it looks like a prehistoric fish.  Notice it’s tail flapping! 

If I knew Stephen King personally, I would send this to him for his wife (because I love Stephen King).  But not to change the subject, I don’t make goth.

What’s really great is that each pearl is different.  All that I make will be one of a kind for my still invisible web store…. which I know is coming along nicely by the way.

I call these Pearl Kisses XoXo…. That is exactly what they look like to me.

Moss Aquamarine with Pearls, All Pearls, Sunstone with Pearls

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