All the Leaves are Brown 

No, I am not about to sing “The Mamas and Papas” song….although I still think it’s great to this day.

At the end of autumn when all the leaves start to turn brown and copper, winter is coming.  I wanted to try to capture the end of a season.

This necklace was an experiment:  “Foliage”

It took me quite awhile to find the right pearls.  It’s a bold necklace, not for everyone.  Definitely makes a statement.  May even be ugly to some.  If you picture a woman wearing a black dress or top and pants, this necklace will steal the show.

I have odd shaped Keishi pearls, Penny pearls.  On the “tail” there are even some pearls that look like nuts.  Citrine rondelles.  I used copper, brown, green, golden yellow and rust colors.  Wearable art? Runway?  Run away?

Sorry my photos couldn’t really capture this right.  In person it’s very different.  Enjoy Foliage and thanks for looking!

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