Statement Jewelry … Making a Statement

Making a statement with a piece of jewelry is all up to the individual.

I make Statement necklaces which I consider to be more bold and have multiple strands.  I also mix different semi-precious beads with pearls that definitely is eye catching.

As you can see, I have everything on here but the kitchen sink. Spinels, Tourmalines, Tahitian Pearls, Tourmaline Slices, Moonstones, Peridot.

I know a necklace like this can be worn with all colors. I think it’s really important to allow the wearer to be creative too.  In my opinion, you want to stick with solids with a necklace like this.

Wearing paisley just won’t do!  Focus on what you want to stand out.  Otherwise people’s eyeballs will be all over the place.

I like the idea that the necklace is not limited to just wearing Black.

I also consider one focal point on a chain.  A beautiful drop on a tiny beaded “chain” can make a statement as well.  Like my Pearl Kisses XoXo.  A centerpiece can be just as eye catching.  Again I made these from elegant to just plain fun.

A pair of drop earrings makes a great statement. I love these earrings I make!  They go from casual dress to formal. I am showing you two examples: pearls for making a statement whether it’s daytime or evening.  Blue chalcedony worn more casual.  I make these in every color possible.

It’s all up to you.  It’s all about what makes you feel beautiful.  That’s the way I look at it.

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