Being an Artist

Being an Artist

I was told to start a blog because it’s a good way to give people a chance to get to know what I do. I put this off for months. I am not a writer. For any artist, you have to go the distance to make it in this high tech world.

As I wrote before, I went into this backward, I only realized what was involved afterward.  There were times when I felt overwhelmed because I didn’t know what I should be doing first.  Should I be working on the internet or creating jewelry?  It took time for me to put everything into perspective.

I ended up not only making jewelry, realized I had to learn photography, facebook, wordpress, and now opening an internet store.  Art is in my blood. I hope this shows through some of my jewelry.

When you look at photos, most people have no idea how time consuming it is to conceive the idea for a piece of jewelry and make it into a reality.

It also takes guts. You can not be a shy violet and not show your work. Believe me, I am humble when it comes to what I do. I have no idea if other people will like some of the jewelry I make. It’s all about taking chances for something you love to do.

I have great respect for all artists. I understand what goes into their work.

I read this from Rebekah Joy Plett and asked her if she wouldn’t mind if I post her words on my blog.  I appreciate her wisdom and kindness.

Thanks for reading, Allie


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