Fashion and Old Fashioned Amethyst Rutilated Quartz Necklace

Art Nouveau and art deco had the most beautiful intricate jewelry produced in my opinion.

I guess because most of art nouveau was very feminine. Art Deco, feminine to angles, to put both mildly.

I found these art deco amethyst color donuts or rings, I had to incorporate these in my jewelry. I like the fact they have flowers which make them more unique.

Some people say they are glass and some say crystal. No mold lines.  Supposedly there is a test.  Hold glass and then crystal to your face. One feels icy cold, crystal.

Regular round faceted beads I have no problem telling the difference. The weight is there for crystal and the faceted beads seem more sharp.

If anyone has any tips to share, I would appreciate it.

The Black Rutilated Quartz has purple mixed in. I had never seen this before. I thought this would blend in well with the Amethyst beads.

It’s put together with gold filled wire wraps.

In a way I think this necklace is a mix of old fashion and new.


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