Recycle Old Coral Beads

I am very well aware of what’s happening to our coral reefs. Coral should not be taken to make any type of objects…in my opinion.

Anyway, I love a good hunt. I scout out thrift shops and other places looking for treasures.

I had gone to a thrift shop and found a coral and pearl necklace that I could tell from the style it was 1950’s. This was a long necklace that you wrap around your neck a few times.   The first thing is…ask the price.  Make a counter offer, which on rare occasions is accepted.  Most thrift shops today do online auction.  If you want it, do a get it now.

Now I know the price.  Next step is to make sure the beads are not ruined from perfume. Perfume can do a number on pearls and coral such as giving each a dull appearance.  After studying the beads, they were fine.

(A word of advice:  wear your perfume anywhere except your neck if you plan on wearing pearls or precious stones. Perfume can really ruin them.  Think wrists.)

Next step:  Count the beads and divide into the final price. Bummer…I hate this part. I have to know what each bead is going to cost.   The phone has a calculator.   Yay!

Bonus:  the clasp is a carved rose. I put this away for now.

Obviously I bought the necklace. Had Hubs double check the math. He knows I get in trouble.  I can see beads in my head but not numbers.

After I take apart this old necklace, I clean all the beads with a soft cloth.

I made “Shimmering Corals.”  I wanted the necklace to have sparkle. I used White Topaz. You can see I used the corals and the pearls.  In hindsight, I should have taken a photograph of the old necklace.   I made what I thought would be nice for different age groups. Something lighter looking.  Best of all, I recycled.

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