The Color Purple ~ A work in progress


I don’t know how a lot of bead designers start a project, if drawings are first made and then to the actual piece.

I have to see the bead first.  Usually a visual of a piece comes next.  I will string a sample just to see if this idea will work.  There have been times when what I can see in front of me is horrible. It’s back to trying once again.

I do take photographs of sections on a finished necklace.  Just in case I need to make the same piece again.  A jewelry cookbook of recipes.  I just don’t remember everything I have designed or how many beads were used.

I think like most artists, I strive to be original in what I make.   There is most definitely an artistry to beads.  Like most, I am always thinking will somebody else like this too.

I like mixing textures. More interesting. I like mixing different sizes together.

This is a work in progress.

I named this “The Color Purple”.  Smooth iolite nugget cut stones, faceted zircons in a variety of greens, rust, purples, champagne, brown, and then I added freshwater pearls.  I am deciding on three strands, maybe two.

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