It’s a Wrap. The dance of one thousand wire wraps.

Ok, so it’s not really a thousand wraps. After awhile it feels like it. I started making a bracelet with small pieces of turquoise nuggets with really red garnets and sterling silver.
First I thought coral and turquoise, the combination is very pretty but I wanted to give this bracelet a jolt.
I call it New York meets West/South West. Hundreds of wire wraps later I am done. It was worth it, I think it came out really pretty.
I took a swaying in the wind photo to show off the garnets. The bracelet is one of a kind…at the moment.
I give wire wrapper’s a lot of credit. This takes so much patience to make an entire piece like this.
I am doing more and more complete wire wrap pieces. I think it’s important to always push and be creative.
If you have seen my other posts, I try to make wearable art.

Thanks so much for coming over, Allie



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