Citrine and Organic Shape Akoya Pearls

I have been making “bubble top” earrings. Which means I weave all types of shapes onto a pair of stones. They look bubbly, hence the name.
I’ve always like the dimensional look. This is how I achieve it with my earrings.

I almost want to name this pair Rice Krispies. Since is does not have an elegant ring to it, I will forego that.

For those of you who do not know, akoya’s are salt water pearls. These are the tiniest akoya’s I have ever seen. In person they are smaller then a grain of rice. They are organic in shape.

I started yesterday making them and I failed. I did the try try again today and here they are.

I do have to say that I amaze myself. I like Stephen King. I would never be his number 1 fan after seeing Kathy Bates. Old Frankenstein, Dracula…those sort of books and movies.
Why I dont make Goth is beyond me.

I do make fun and elegant. That’s the kicker. I always think that what I make is an extension of myself.

Here are my Citrine and Akoya Pearl earrings. Thanks for looking, Allie


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