I always thought sapphires were just blue. I learned a lot more from people dealing in semi precious beads. Basically sapphires come in every color of the rainbow. From more countries then you can count on your fingers.
I saw two strands of predominately gray with tones of brown and blue coin shape sapphires. These are called Umba. I bought them. I love different/unique even of no one will know what they are. I will make something special, it just hasn’t come to me yet. It will.
 The fun part is, its like a secret. The person who ends up with a piece of jewelry made with these sapphires will know. Nobody else will unless she tells.
I will write a blog once I use these beads.
Back to the necklace.
I love this two tone sapphire of mustard and blue. This is a one of a kind necklace. I haven’t be able to find more beads like this…yet.
 Here are my photos. Thanks so much for looking   Allie


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