Tourmaline “Prisms” Necklace

These beads are Tourmaline slices cut and faceted into prism shapes.

I almost wanted to call this necklace Stained Glass. I thought that may be confusing because these are tourmalines after all.

Some of the tourmalines have mixtures of colors, others more solid. Rasberry, pink, green, light and dark as well as light brown.

This is the one and only strand I have so this necklace is “one of a kind.”
The chaining is bands of sterling silver. I love the way it sparkles.

I have a secret, I have a pet rock. My favorite for outdoor jewelry photos.

One photo you see here is on my pet rock. Now I get to say it just like it’s been said many times on Game of Thrones…..Winter is coming! (Yes, I am a fan!)

This means taking my pet rock inside by first frost. My online store that this necklace will soon be posted. Stay tuned!




Thanks for looking! Allie

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